Vision Statement: The Future of Sustainable Transportation

Our love affair with the car is at a crossroads. Climate change demands a transportation revolution, and cities are the ground zero for this shift. The future of sustainable transportation is a vibrant tapestry woven from innovation, infrastructure, and a renewed focus on people. EVs are the first act in this play. With falling battery […]

5 Reasons Why Urban Mobility Events Matter in 2024

The future of our cities hinges on innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. Gatherings in the urban mobility space are critical in 2024, and bring together a powerful mix of stakeholders like city planners, transportation authorities, tech companies, and researchers. Here’s what makes them so impactful: 1. Collaboration & Innovation: Sharing ideas and showcasing technologies spark […]

Mobility split by modes of transport

Traditional public transport Public transport, constituting 23% of global mobility, offers sustainable and accessible travel options, reducing environmental impact and fostering efficient urban transportation systems. Private car 45% Private cars, dominating at 45% of global mobility, provide personal convenience but contribute to traffic congestion and environmental challenges, prompting a need for sustainable alternatives in urban […]

5% drop in road deaths despite a one-billion rise in global population since 2010

In 2021, an approximate 1.19 million road traffic fatalities were recorded, marking a 5% decline from the 1.25 million reported in 2010. Over half of all United Nations Member States successfully curtailed road traffic deaths between 2010 and 2021. Despite the global motor vehicle fleet more than doubling, substantial expansion of road networks, and a […]

Mandatory targets for the TEN-T network, part of the European Green Deal

As we await the official adoption of regulation strengthening the TEN-T network, part of the European Green Deal, let’s review the mandatory targets set under the political agreement: Which sustainable transport initiative excites you the most: developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, faster trains, safe parking spaces, upgraded rail systems, airport-rail connections, eco-friendly freight transport, or […]

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